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The Blend Experiment:

Pushing Musical Boundaries on WABN-ABLENDNATION RADIO


Breaking Down Genre Barriers:

Pushing Musical Boundaries on WABN-ABLENDNATION RADIO

Breaking Down Genre Barriers

At The Blend Experiment, true innovation happens when we break down genre barriers and allow musical ideas to flow freely. Our expert experimenters blend genres, styles, and influences, creating unique and groundbreaking compositions that transcend traditional categorizations. Ready to be surprised, delighted, and inspired as familiar sounds morph into something new and unexpected.

DJ-Crafted Playlists and Live Sets

Step into our curated world, where every beat is carefully chosen and every transition is an art form. Our dedicated team of DJs crafts playlists and live sets that are not just auditory journeys but voyages into the very soul of music.

Embracing Musical Diversity:

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Unleashing Creative Possibilities:

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Tune In to The Blend Experiment:

Ready to embark on a musical journey of experimentation and discovery? Tune in to The Blend Experiment every night from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on WABN-ABLENDNATION RADIO. Whether you’re a lover of the avant-garde, a seeker of musical innovation, or intrigued by the unknown, our carefully curated blend of experimental sounds will take you on a sonic adventure like no other. Get ready to embrace and let The Blend Experiment redefine your perception of music.


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