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Welcome to the KSD&T Foundation for DJs, where we aim to provide aspiring DJs with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to master the art of cutting, scratching, DJing, and turntablism.

Our foundation was established by a group of experienced and passionate DJs who understand the importance of preserving and promoting turntablism’s rich history and culture. We believe that DJs should have a platform to learn, grow, and express their creativity through the power of music.
At KSD&T, we offer comprehensive courses that cater to DJs of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Our curriculum is designed to equip you with the fundamental techniques, theory, and practical skills necessary to excel in the world of DJing.
Our dedicated team of instructors consists of highly skilled professionals who have made a significant impact in the DJing industry. They will guide you through every step of your journey, providing personalized instruction, and valuable feedback, and sharing their extensive knowledge and experiences.

KSD&T Foundation

In addition to our courses, we also organize workshops, seminars, and events where DJs can network, collaborate, and showcase their talents. We believe in creating a supportive community that fosters growth, creativity, and innovation.
To ensure that our students have access to the latest equipment and technology, we have partnered with leading manufacturers in the DJ industry. Our state-of-the-art studios are equipped with cutting-edge turntables, mixers, and software, providing a hands-on, immersive learning experience.

Furthermore, we understand the financial constraints that many aspiring DJs may face. That is why we offer scholarships and flexible payment plans to make our courses accessible to everyone who has a passion for DJing.
Whether you dream of rocking a club, producing your music, or competing in DJ battles, the KSD&T Foundation for DJs supports you on your journey. Join us and become part of a community that celebrates the artistry, skill, and passion of DJing. Together, let’s elevate the art of cutting, scratching, DJing, and turntablism to new heights.

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