Back View of a DJ Standing Behind His Console in a Club

We Blend The World


Thru, Jul 18th-22nd
Fleet Dj Music Conference
Orlando, Florida
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    Loving Music Since Our Childhood

    What makes music a universal language? It’s the ineffable power of musical fusion, the ability of diverse melodies to transcend linguistic barriers and resonate with the soul. At WABN-ABlendNation Radio, we believe in the extraordinary potency of this universal language.

    Music, in its transformative magic, holds the key to unlocking emotions that words fail to express. It’s a journey through the corridors of the human experience, a sonic alchemy that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Each beat is a spell, and every rhythm is a potion that stirs the soul.

    About Us

    Get your wallpaper to be loud? Enjoy a good view with us!




    Our foundation is dedicated to preserving the rich history, culture, and techniques of cutting, scratching, DJing, and turntablism. We aim to honor the pioneers and legends of the DJing community while ensuring that their contributions are not forgotten.


    We are committed to providing educational resources and opportunities for aspiring DJs to develop their skills, knowledge, and techniques. Our courses, workshops, and mentorship programs aim to equip DJs with the tools they need to excel and grow in their craft.


    We are dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive community for DJs of all levels. By organizing events, meetups, and networking opportunities, we aim to facilitate collaboration, sharing of ideas, and the growth of personal and professional networks within the DJing community.


    We advocate for the recognition and inclusion of DJs in various music and entertainment platforms. We strive to change perceptions and challenge stereotypes surrounding DJing, highlighting its artistic value and the dedication and talent required to excel in the field.


    Through our outreach efforts, we aim to inspire the next generation of DJs and provide opportunities for young individuals to explore and pursue their passion for DJing. We believe in empowering aspiring DJs to embrace their creativity and pursue their dreams.


    The mission of the KSD&T Foundation is to support and nurture DJs, preserve the art form, and elevate the status of DJing as a respected and influential medium of artistic expression.